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Default Re: Questions about building a C&C

The only problem with having the coroplast up so high is ventilation. Storage bins aren't as recommend, because they have poor ventilation. If you put the coroplast all the way up, it'd be the same. So I'd stick with 8 or 9 inches. Make sure you put a lid on the cage (ignore the black dots and no coroplast) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/809/1090347.jpg/

For the "clear coroplast", there is a few things it can be:

Plastic chair mats: http://modernoffice.stores.yahoo.net/chairmats.html
Plexiglass: Clear Acrylic Sheet: http://www.homedepot.ca/product/clear-a ... nch/924846

I use this on the front of my cage, and white coroplast on the back and sides. I only use it on the front because it's more expensive, and I only see through the front anyways.

Originally Posted by moorea
I am also researching building a C&C. I was going to purchase one of the kits from guineapigzone.com, but those only come up 6 inches, is that high enough?
6 inches isn't high enough, because hedgies are masters at escaping

Originally Posted by panda
you can also make them to only cover the sides, it would probably be easy enough to just cut fleece to fit and use clips or ties, i think that would let enough air through but still keep the warmth in.
The back wall and right wall are covered in fleece. As well as one wall on each of my lofts. Thought an image would help Ignore the no roof and no coroplast. It's still in the making, just started this one today.
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