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Default Re: Questions about building a C&C

I'd really ,really number crunch if I were you moorea- I made a 2x2 c&c this evening, and it was WAY less than one of the pre-made kits. Coroplast=$15, Cubes-$16 from walmart site-to-store.

I don't have alot of room, so I had to make a smallish cage. If you are looking to make a bigger one, then the price will go up, but really make sure that it is in your best interest. I'd imagine shipping could be quite high on those kits. I just googled "sign stores" in my area and called around asking if they sold large sheets of coroplast. one did, and they cut it down to my size for me.

If you live in a rather remote area, then perhaps it would be nice. I just love the look of c&c cages ! I hope to post pics of mine tomorrow, when it is 100%done.
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