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Default Questions about building a C&C

After a 2 week search, I finally found cubes for a C&C set up. I'm going to be calling Home Depot soon to find out about prices for a sheet of coroplast.

My question is, would it be OK to have the coroplast cover the entire inside of the cage? I've read that you need to have at least 8 inches of coroplast up the sides, but I've never seen a "maximum" amount...

I ask this because while right now maintaining a good temperature is easy, it may get a bit more difficult in the colder months, and I figured that having the walls completely covered would help hold in heat. I'm going to do 2 cubes x 3 cubes, making it approximately 2.5 ft x 3.5 ft.

Also, the cubes are about 14" tall. Should I figure out a way to do a cover for the cage, or is 14" plenty high to keep hedgie from escaping? I've read that they can be geniuses when it comes to piling things up to climb out, so I figured I would ask.

Any pictures, experience or advice is welcome. I'm really happy to finally be able to get Mildred into a bigger cage, and I want it to be perfect for her.

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