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Originally Posted by DarwiTheHedgie View Post
So on thursday 23/2/17 i got my 6 months hedgie Darwin.. at first it was pretty late and he wouldnt really let me get a good look at him.. but then... the next day i saw that he had some red spots on his back and i didnt notice any scratching so i throught that it just were some few quills finally penatrating the skin.. but i was wrong..so on saturday i gave him a quik olive oil bathe but then i saw the spots more clearly and got a little concerned.. so i contacted his former owner and she said (shes and expert btw) that he didn have any of the spots before... she said it could be stress or allergy.. i asked how i can know and she said that mostly if his poop is greenish.. hes stressed BUT it isnt! and there isnt alot of new thinks around here... i can hear him scratch alot when he runs on his little wheel.. every now and then (like every 30-60 seconds) he scratches on his wheel, and the red spots have spread... i dont belive its mites cuz he have not been losing any quills and i really dont know what to do...my mom says "the vets to expensive and if he is sick we should give him back because they! (the expert and her boyfriend) gave us! an sick hedgehog" but i dont want to give him back ); (even tho he pretty much hates me) please somebody help me! Ask me any kind of questions anytime, just help me please xC

I'm sorry I don't know what it is and I know this isn't what you want to hear but I don't think you should have a hedgehog if you can't take it to the vet. It would definitely be better for the animal. I don't mean to be rude but it's a little selfish to keep it under the circumstances.
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