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Default What could it be?

Hi guys. So my hedgie is approx 34 weeks old. Over a month ago the vet diagnosed her with a bad URI, which we treated with antibiotics. Last week, we noticed her nose was wet and her breathing was extremely loud (like a clicking noise). I asked the vet and she said sometimes they need a second dose of the antibiotics, which we started on Sunday gone. My worry is, I also noticed since last week that she is losing quite a large amount of belly hair (like a dog shedding all over your trousers) I feel like her belly appears very slightly pinker as its more exoposed. Her skin as also a little flaky. I think the dry skin may be due to bathing her last week, she did get dry skin after her first bath where I used Johnson's baby shampoo (this time I used aveeno baby as I heard it was much better). I've only noticed 3 spikes falling out in the last 9 days or so. She doesnt seem to be scratching much either. Other info - we have had her on the same food and bedding since we got her so I don't think it's that. I don't wash her blanket in detergent. The room has good ventilation and we keep her warm using heat matt's (they don't get too warm as we check the temp and there is a good gap between the cage and the matt . We also use bottled water. She poops enough and it's normal other then slightly sticky from the antibiotics. Her behaviour is normal, shes still a persistant little explorer ?? So I'm wondering do you think it's possible she also has worms or and skin infection? We did worm her on Sunday but that was after this whole skin problem began. Sorry for the long post, I'm just really anxious and wanted to give you as much info as I could! Thanks guys ?
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