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Hi Nancy,

Thanks for responding! It's good to "hear" a familiar voice. Yes, the poor little guy is so old, and I'm afraid this might just do him in. But he's had a good, long life. I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow. He's completely bald now (I don't know if you remember, but he started losing his quills soon after I got him, and over the years he pretty much lost all of them), so he's a little funny looking, but I think he's just so cute. And I get to give him kisses, which I'm thinking not many hedgehog owners get to do.
I'll try the steam (making sure not to burn him with it). When he's resting he doesn't seem to have as much trouble breathing. But as soon as I start syringe feeding him, he starts blowing bubbles and having difficulty getting enough air.
I'll give him a big hug for you and keep you updated.

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