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Default Re: Happy hedgies make me =D

Originally Posted by Hedgieonboard
I know that face you were talking about, the confused what are you talking about look lol I'm glad she liked the wheel.
Haha I just looked at him like seriously , your a petstore that claims to specialize in hedgehogs! lol Oye

Originally Posted by Hedgieonboard

One idea you could try for your switch is to put the bowl underneath the bottle and then she may start drinking from it but will have both so you know she won't go without if she refuses. Once she gets used to the bowl you can take the other out. I lucked out with mine and both took to the bowl instantly and it was one of the first things they did once in their new cages, it seemed like they were there forever drinking that first time.

Good luck with the switch
Oo that did the trick :P , I've been meaning to respond to this thread but have been way busy.. I did that for one night and boom she took to the bowl! So now the bowl is out and I monitor her water every day when I clean out her cage just to make sure!

Thank you so much for your tip, it worked wonders!

I <3 my Nyxers & Loki!

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