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Default Quill loss. Quilling? Mites? Sick?

When I got my hedgehog, Rigby is was 6 weeks old and the breeder told me that he was quilling and to expect to find some quills and also some grouchiness. That was about three weeks ago, and I've been finding a few quills here and there. Somewhere between 1-2 a day to about 5 or so.

I haven't seen or heard him scratch at all and I am usually up pretty late, so I would notice if it was a problem. However, he was having some mildly worrisome poop for several days, during the second week I had him. It was soft and it was smellier than usual, but the color was medium to dark brown, and he was eating, drinking, and running the same amount. I've kept a very close watch on him, but when I decided I would take him to the vet, when I got him out that evening, his poop was much more what I would consider normal and has stayed normal for probably 4 days.

Now, earlier this afternoon, I was asked to house/cat sit for a professor of mine because of a death in her family. I moved Rigby and his cage over to her house because I'm going to be staying here until this weekend.
As I was moving everything, I got Rigby out of his little fleece blanket that he likes to burrow inside to sleep, and I found a few quills. I didn't think much of it.
I put him into a snuggle sack I have that has a strap so I can wear it over my shoulder. Then when I got his cage setup at my prof's house, I got him out and he had pooped in the sack and it was very smelly again and a bit soft too. There were also another several quills.

This evening, I got him out of his cage for bonding time, and found more quills.
At this point, I'm thinking there's somewhere near 25 quills I've found today.
A lot more than I've ever found before.
He then pooped and there was a bit of mucus, but it wasn't green or overly mushy, and there was no blood in the mucus.

Does this sound like something I should be concerned about?
He's been a bit more huffy tonight, not wanting to be picked up.
Is that probably just from moving stress or should I take him to a vet and get him checked out?

The only reason I haven't taken him is that I'm on a bit of a tight budget as a student, and I'm absolutely notorious for worrying way too much and overthinking literally everything. Should I go ahead and take him though?

He doesn't have any noticeable bald spots and he's still not scratching, so I don't THINK it's mites, but I've also never found that many quills before tonight.

Is there anything that would cause the soft poop and quill loss? I've been searching the internet but I didn't come across anything that sounded like what's going on with Rigby.
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