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Default Re: Need help!!: Mother hedgehog from died and left 5 orphans

At one month old the babies will most likely be just fine. They still should have milk for the next week or two. Goats milk or puppy milk is best. If you get powdered it will last a long time as you only mix up what they will eat at one time. At their age, they will most likely lap it from a bowl so mix up a small amount numerous times per day and give it to them in a dish. I imagine it's very hot there so only leave it for a couple of hours and then throw it out. Once mixed, it goes bad quickly so don't mix more than one serving at a time and do not mix more and keep it in the fridge to use later.

Poor Punky. I can't imagine why she would eat the shavings. Is it possible she was lacking something in her diet. That's about the only thing I could think of.
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