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Thank you so much for your response!

His cage is usually about 73-74 degrees, I've got a small space heater for night time, but I live in a really warm area, so the entire house is almost always at least 72.

I got him a water bottle because that's was his breeder used, and it seemed like a good idea to try to keep things somewhat similar to help him adjust better. But maybe it's just a different kind that isn't as easy to use. I'll get a good dish ASAP.

What sort of behaviors should I be looking out for? Honestly, I'm a huge worrier, so I've been paying very close attention to him ever since I brought him home, but I didn't notice anything weird or out of the ordinary until he started sprawling out. His food intake and time spent running stayed about the same.

I tried the pinching thing, but I couldn't really tell anything because he just balled up...
Am I doing it right?

Also, are there any guidelines on about how much he should be drinking?
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