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*Edit: What's the temperature of his cage?

Stolen from another thread:
Originally Posted by FinnickHog View Post
Try pinching his skin lightly. If it stays pinched briefly, he's dehydrated. If it goes back to normal he's fine. I like to test this at the shoulder blades because it's the easiest place to find excess skin. You can also check to see if the skin around his eyes is more wrinkled than usual.
You probably want to swap to a water dish permanently, as it sounds like your hedgehog knows how to naturally drink from it. That would more than likely fix potential future dehydration incidences, as he should drink water as needed if it's easily accessible.

He could have been having a hard time with his water bottle, and that would explain why he was at it and it was making sounds. That would also explain why you haven't seen his water bottle's amount change by much.

Monitor his water intake (potentially food and behaviour as well) just to make sure he's doing well; that way it might not be a big scare again.

Water bottles aren't a very popular option, as there's been reports of hedgehogs poking their eyes out, chipping teeth on, and getting their tongues stuck in the spout. It also makes the hedgehog raise its body into an uncomfortable/unfamiliar position in order to access the water.

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