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Default New owner, suddenly dehydrated hedgie...is he going to be ok?

Hi, I'm a first time owner and I got my hedgehog Rigby a week ago. He's 7 weeks old now, and he seemed to be adjusting pretty well.
The first couple nights he slept a lot, but I did hear him running, eating, and using his water bottle a bit. Over the next few days he started to be more awake and active at night.

Tonight during our cuddle time, I had him in a snuggle pouch in my lap while I was working on some homework. I noticed that he was standing up inside the pouch, like he was trying to crawl out. I thought maybe he had woken up and was ready to crawl around for a bit. I put the pouch on the table and waited for him to crawl out, but he didn't. He stayed in the same position, just lying down now instead of standing.
I coaxed him out of the pouch and put him on top, where he laid sprawled out. I went and got a plate and put some water on it and put it in front of him. He started lapping up water immediately. He obviously was very thirsty and even after the initial frenzied gulps, he continued drinking more slowly for a while(at least ten minutes of basically just drinking).

After a few minutes, he began to perk up and looked much, much better. He walked around for twenty or so minutes, came back to drink a few times during, and then crawled back into his pouch to sleep.

He was obviously very thirsty, and overheated in his pouch.
He seems ok now, but I am worried and feel terrible because I feel like he obviously was dehydrated.

The breeder I got him from used water bottles, so I have a bottle in his cage since that's what he's used to. I have been changing the water out either daily or every other day.
I guess now that I'm looking back, I didn't notice him making much of a difference in the water level when I would change it, but I hear him at night at the water bottle, so I assumed he was drinking what he wanted and needed.
I went and checked his bottle by tapping the ball and there's some water coming out but maybe the ball is too difficult for him to move easily, so he hasn't been drinking enough?

Is he going to be ok? I'm going to find something to use as a water dish in his cage until I can get a real one or a new water bottle, but I'm worried that I am not rehydrating him properly.

I feel terrible that I didn't notice until now, but he hasn't been acting lethargic or anything. I get him out of his cage every evening and have him out for two or three hours, so I am around him enough to notice things like that. He has never showed any signs of overheating before tonight either.

Anything else can I do to make sure he’s ok? What can I do to make sure this doesn’t happen again? How can I make him drink more water? Any ideas why I hear and see him at the bottle, which releases water when I tap it, but he still seems to be dehydrated?
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