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Default Premium Cat Food VS Premium Dog Food

Hey guys!

I just had a quick question. After searching around and doing more research I am a bit baffled. With the protein and fat requirements of hedgehogs why is it that they are recommended to eat cat food as opposed to dog food? I feed my cat very high quality foods such as Before Grain and Origin, two of the best on the market in my area. Where these foods have done wonders for my cat they are also VERY high in protein, 50%+. Many of the foods recommended are also very high in protein and it worries me as to how it may effect my little hedgie's liver function and weight. But I was curious... my dog also gets all organic/holistic dog foods, grain free... the works. Her food is usually around 30-40%, I've seen lower in weight maintenance foods, so my question is, when dogs have lower protein and fat requirements than cats, why it is not recommended that we feed dog food?

I hope this is not a silly question :P
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