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Unhappy Please Help! -Details inside

Sorry everyone, I don't mean to spam with posts (I started a vitamin thread a few days ago) and only post when something is wrong...but I really need some help, I'm really worried about my girl Luna.

Here's a breakdown of whats going on:
-Luna had some bald spots along her quill/belly line, with little patches of quills and fur missing. Skin was really pink
-Vet did a skin scraping and got nothing back, did a mites treatment with Revolution (something that started with an R) just to be safe, but he couldn't find any mites.
-We took everything out of her cage and deep cleaned it just in case. Tossed the bag of bedding, got everything clean just in case of mites or something.
-So no mites, no fungal or bacterial infection. We started a medicine to help with her skin and fur growing back but it seems like more is missing.
-After reading tons of forums I saw similar cases where Sunshine Factor was used and there was a diet change. So changed her food to one of the recommended list here
-Couldn't find Sunshine Factor but someone at the petstore recommended Oasis Vita Drops (for birds but so is Sunshine Factor) its very concentrated and orange

Going to give her just a warm bath to relax in tonight, no shampoo so not to dry her out. Last night I noticed a slight orange coloration in some of the bald spots, and a bit darker (like brown) coloration where bald meets quill. Not sure if its just the vitamins or what the heck is going on with my baby. To make things worse I'm moving in 10 days.. I feel like such a horrible owner but I can't afford another vet visit (last one with scrapings and testing was near $300). Just for the vet to tell me he's not 100% whats wrong even though he treats smaller animals. She's eating well and acts normal. Just the skin....

I'm so sorry for such a long post and appreciate any help I can get. Thanks everyone.
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