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Hi. I adopted my 6 week old Poppy on Dec. 17, so last Saturday. Everything is going well but I have noticed that since the day I brought her home she has been sneezing occasionally and licking her nose frequently. I read in the Sneezing sticky that some hedgies sneeze because they are adjusting to their new home and smells. I am not sure if Poppy is still adjusting to her new home or if this an early sign of a URI. I wash all her fleece and clean her wheel with scent free products so I don't think it is an allergy to a smell. She may be smelling the Christmas tree that is in the same room as her cage but I am not sure as she still sneezes when I take her in another room to play. She does not have any liquids coming out of her nose but she does lick it a lot. I will schedule a vet appt. if needed, I just wanted your thoughts first. Thank you! P.s. sorry for posting so much these past few days! I have work off for Christmas so my time is spent either with Poppy, on here, or both!!!
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