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Exclamation Is my hedgehog hibernating?

Hi there, I'm Honey. I recently got a hedgehog (about week ago) named Cassie, and I've been taking really good care of her. I clean her wheel, change litter paper, check temperature, and refill food at least twice a day. I've also been keeping her in a fleece snuggle sack in my lap so she can get used to my smell. Today I got her out when I got home from school and sat her in my lap. I peeked inside and she hissed at me. I knew this was normal, as I'd just woken her up. I left her in my lap and continued on my homework. About thirty minutes later, I noticed she hadn't moved. I peeked inside and noticed she was balled up and her quills were raised. However, when I stuck my hand in there, she didn't move, and she made not a peep. Normally, if I try to touch her when she is quilled up and I try to touch her, she hisses. I thought this was odd so I tried to reach in and grab her. As I could not find her face or her soft side, I gently wiggled her out of the bag and onto the carpet. I noticed she was completely balled up and hardly moving. She was only moving a miniscule amount, so that's how I knew she was still alive. I began to panic slightly and made some loud noises in an attempt to wake her up. She didn't move. Now I have her under a heat lamp which is turned up a little bit above normal, where she has been for thirty minutes. She still hasn't moved. Should I be concerned?
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