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Default Extremely dry skin

Hey all,
So my little girl (now named Athena) has been with me for a week now and I've noticed she has really bad dry skin, there's flakes of dead skin on her. And just this morning I noticed she's losing quills. I found 5 on my bedroom floor when getting ready for work. I was reading up on the two on the forum and most of it was hedgehogs under one year old but Athena is almost 3 so she's not quilling. I know stress can also make hedgehogs lose quills and just moving in with me and trying to get her use to me may be making her stressed. Athena isn't scratching either and I haven't seen any mites so I'm not sure if she may have mites or not. She's also currently on iams kitten and I'm currently transitioning her onto new food but both have chicken and I'm not sure if hedgehogs are like cat/dogs but is it possible for them to be allergic to chicken? I was wondering if I should switch her to something without chicken or maybe even take her to the vets to get her checked out? Is there anything I can give her to help with the dry skin to clear it up?

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