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Default Hibernating?

Long message but I want to make sure I don't leave anything out so I know what's going on. Yesterday I went to class and returned about 9:30. So it was dark in my place for a few hours and my hedgehog who is about 7 months old had been up running and ate about half of his food. When he hears me come in and turn lights on he freezes on the wheel. Today he had moved to hiding his face under the corner of it and between the wall of his cage. This is all pretty normal. But then I gave him about half a tablespoon of new food. I gave him a tablespoon and less than a half of his old food, Purina kitten chow (which he's ate since I got him) before class. His new food is Natural Balance L.I.D green pea and chicken formula. He hid for awhile but when I turned the light out he eventually came out and ate all the new pieces. Then he went back to hiding in his blanket. I went to bed and can normally hear him running all night. He didn't last night. So about 1:30 I came out and checked on him. He was standing next to his food bowl. He had ate the rest of his old food and drank water. Then went back under his blanket. About 3am I woke up and still heard nothing. He was just laying there with his face peaking out. I touched him and he spiked up but didn't make a noise like he usually does. Then I picked him up and he balled up and wouldn't uncurl when I put him flat on his hand like he usually does. I wrapped him in blankets and cuddled him assuming that maybe he was trying to hibernate. He still didn't uncurl. After half an hour of that I put him under his heat lamp and he started to move again. I kept an eye on him all night and he started moving more and acting normally. He's back in his cage now sleeping but is responsive and moves and freaks out when I try to bother him. I don't have control of the heat in my place. It was 75 out yesterday and I never heard it come on so they may have turned it off for the building again. His cage was 72 for most of the day which I know is a bit cold but it's been that temperature for almost two weeks now and he still would run all night. The heat lamp comes on with a timer I set but it gives off red light so I try to leave it off most of the night so it doesn't bother him to run. Do you think he tried to hibernate or do you think he just didn't feel good cause of the new food? I called an emergency vet number and they were no help at all. I don't know if I should try and bring him to a vet later.
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