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Default Scabs under armpits?

Hi everyone. My little girl, Quinne, is over a year old and has scabs under both of her front armpits. I don't believe it is mites; she is on fleece and has no wood in the cage, nor has she been outside. She isn't really scratching much, either. I noticed the scabs yesterday and admittedly have no idea how long they have been there. One is larger than the other. I don't think she is overweight, but I can weigh her if needed.

Before I realized it was a scab, I actually thought she had dried poo on her skin, so I gave her a bath and accidentally scrubbed one of the scabs off. My poor little girl must have been in pain the whole time; it was a pretty large chunk of skin.

That ^ was her first non-foot bath in several months. My boyfriend wonders if maybe it has been a bit too cold in my room and she is curling up more and getting bed sores? My room is a little chilly at times but she has a CHE and seems to be heated under her fleece. I suppose I can cover up the A.C. vent in my room if necessary. Otherwise I read that it might be self-inflicted or dry skin? Should I try an oatmeal bath?

I have noticed that she is using her wheel less. Should I take out the wheel until it heals?

I don't think it is infected...is there any way I can treat her at home, or should I just get her to a vet? I was planning to try to take her to the vet today but thought I would ask first, in hopes of avoiding the possibility of them charging me a whole bunch just to tell me to put ointment on it. If I should try something else before the vet, how long should I wait for it to heal before taking her in? (I am completely willing to take her to the vet, I'm just curious if there are other options to try first.)

I can't get photos now but can try to take some photos later... I just feel so horrible for her, and like a horrible hedgie mommy.

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