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Originally Posted by SarahBella97 View Post
Heating- CHE is the best thing for our hedgies and what almost everyone uses. It's a heat lamp with a CHE bulb(this bulb is special because it doesn't emit light). The cheapest option is going on amazon.!
Just a warning about buying cheap CHE or any cheap pet supplies at Amazon. Most are crap from China, ranging from useless garbage to dangerous. Don't buy from China. I bought two cheap CHE from a Chinese vendor, half the price of the name brands. One never worked at all, the other worked for about 10 minutes before shooting out sparks and almost burning my apartment down. CHE emit a lot of heat and the wattage is high, not something to buy cheap from China.

Re a tub and heating. You can cut the center part out of the tub lid and then attach heavy metal screen such as hardware cloth to the lid. You can either glue it with a glue gun or use cable/zip ties to tie it to the lid. Next, sit the lamp fixture on top of the screen. Or, you can get an adjustable arm from Zoo Med that holds the lamp further above the tub if you're worried about melting the tub.

I am not sure if heating from below is an option for hedgehogs, but you can get reptile heat tape and tape it to the OUTside or bottom of the tub using shiny silver electrical heat tape. (NOT the same as duct tape, looks like tin foil). I use this on the bottom of my snake's tub.

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