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Smile New hedgie mom! need some questions answered

Yesterday I became a proud owner of a Cinnamon Hedgie

Her name is Piper and she is about 6 1/2 weeks old.
I have a few questions that hopefully can be answered

Heating: This will be Piper's second night without a heat source,my home is usually around 74-76 degrees, I'm nervous about her going into hibernation. What would be the best heat lamp,thermostat,thermometer thats not overly expensive?

(Her cage is a big plastic storage container so would the heat of the lamp melt her cage?)

Quilling: Right now Piper is quilling,she is usually under the t shirt I put in her cage (so she can get used to my scent). But when I take her out from under the shirt she is usually in a ball form it takes her almost 5-10 minutes to fully walk around. Is that normal?

Baths:How do I make sure her belly is dry after a bath? I bathed her today and I was nervous putting her back in her cage because I couldn't dry her belly with her being curled up and all. she was not soaking when I put her in but I don't want to risk her getting sick!

That's it for my questions for now!
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