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Default Bonding Bags??

Does anyone have a bonding bag that allows them to "wear" their hedgehog? Or even just have any opinions of them? I've found some online like this one:


but I'm wondering if it's worth the hefty price? If anyone has anything like this, does your hedgehog actually enjoy being in it? And do hedgehogs tend to "go" in things like this, because I can see that getting pretty messy.

I'm an online college student so I spend a lot of time sitting on the couch with my laptop, so I was thinking I could just get a regular hedgie bag (no straps) for my little guy to sleep in and get used to me. But, this bag just looks so cute...and maybe if I get a social one I could use it for little outings to places like PetsMart and look super fashionable at the same time, lol!
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