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Originally Posted by JefeMeansBoss View Post
Don't get discouraged either on your first batch I was pretty upset I wasn't getting anything but God I'm over growing my storage now(actually thinking about cooking them myself to eat (they are fully organic and I've read they are very nutritious for humans)) idk how you have the set up but when cleaning be careful mealworms eggs are very fragile and break easily and try to move oatmeal around so it doesn't mold, besides that... good luck !
At the moment I have them in small plastic containers (about shoe box size only higher), I put them in a dark room that we don't use often. I still need to do research on cleaning the boxes.

Getting used to the idea of eating them isn't a bad idea if you're a bit of a pepper like I am, especially if you have an abundance of worms. I think I might just look into it too. Then the worms will have many functions: hedgehog treats, chicken snacks, survival food and their poop can be used to fertilize our veggie garden!

Thank you very much for your encouragement!
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