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Originally Posted by kouros View Post
It's better not to put too much vegetable/fruit pieces at the same time, too much moisture causes compaction of the oatmeal bed which is bad for the mealworm.

I like to cut a potato so I get one side with skin and one side open flesh. I'd put the skin side on the oatmeal bed to prevent moisture seeping into the bed. Same thing with carrot.

Keep the tray well ventilated and away from direct sunlight. You'd need to clean the container maybe once a week (there are many youtube vids explaining this part).

Beware of the fine dust (mealworm poop/dung) during cleaning, some people are allergic to the dust/smell (strong ammonia smell).

Good luck with your project.
Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it! I've basically entered into 2 unknown territories at the same time (being a hedgehog parent & mealworm farmer), but will all be worth it in the long run, a happy me and a happy hedgie.

Thanks again!
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