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Default Flat dry band along skirt area

I'm not sure if I got the terminology correct, but basically there's a narrow flat dark purple-ish band that runs along the border between his fur and quills. The band is flat, no quills or fur. It's kind of tough to see initially, but if I pick him up and look from the side, it's visible. It lies like right underneath where his quills end.

I noticed he had been scratching there periodically, though I figured it was just quilling since he is about 10 weeks old. I have not noticed any excessive loss of quills, just a normal amount.

I use fleece bedding and use nonscented detergent + vinegar rinse. I was using CareFresh when I first got him around 7.5 weeks old, and that along with some foot baths where he got wet around that area may have contributed to dry skin.

I'm going to take him to a vet, but just wanted to see what your thoughts were.
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