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Exclamation Am I Doing Something Wrong??

So I recently bought my hedgehog, Lucy, a new cage. It is two levels, which I was super skeptical about, but it gives her so much space to explore! It took Lucy a while to understand the ramp that leads down to the bottom level of the cage, and she fell twice. I don't know if its me being worried, or if she actually got really hurt on the 5 inch fall! I think something might be wrong with her back leg! She runs on her wheel every single night, but I've noticed that she goes to itch her ear, and her back right leg cant reach as far as normal! I have also noticed that she will walk around her cage normally, but she will sit down for a few seconds every few feet! She has also been struggling to get up at nights, i've been having to wake her up and she has been really grumpy, but i blame that on the fact that my house is cold and her heat lamp wasn't working!
Does anyone have an explanation!?
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