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If I give him a bath and am drying him off and he pokes me I get welts, so it doesn't seem to matter what's on him, unless I'm allergic to the Aveeno oatmeal baby wash, which I doubt because I use a similar product on my face.

Cold water right afterward stops the pain, but the itching still kicks in pretty quickly and lasts the same amount of time than if I didn't use cold water, so not much change there.

It's just Finn and a bunch of reptiles and frogs in there right now, and I have no problem with any of the snakes or their bedding or feces, but I don't usually get it in open wounds. Pepper is downstairs in the living room so I doubt I'm getting dander pokes.

So far I've only experienced a reaction on my hands. Finn only really gets spikey right when I pick him up so it's almost always my hands that get jabbed. I'm scared to see what happens if he pokes me somewhere else.

I'll pick up some hydrocortizone cream later today and see if that helps, and if not I'll probably grab some Claritin. Thanks guys!

I'm really worried it's going to keep getting worse, just like with continual exposure to peanuts in someone with a peanut allergy, or someone with a bee sting allergy who keeps getting stung. From the other threads I've seen on hedgehog poke allergies it does seem to gradually get worse with each poke. I'll have to check Finn's birth certificate but I'm pretty sure he's only a year and a half old, so that's a lot more pokes yet.

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