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Default Fleece & CHEs...Learned my lesson tonight!

I had Lily out for some cuddle time tonight, so I had pushed her CHEs to the back of the cage top so I could open the door and get her out. Had her out for a couple of hours, lots of great snuggles, then got ready to put her away. When I was moving her CHEs back into place after the door was closed, I found...this. http://i605.photobucket.com/albums/tt13 ... C04132.jpg I believe my reaction was along the lines of ! I knew the CHEs got hot, but holy crap! I didn't realize that it would actually melt the fleece. I'll definitely be more careful about having anything touching those now...Glad that it at least happened during cuddle time rather than before bed when it would've been touching the CHE all night.
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