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Default Re: What Should I Use In Dig Box? Is Fish Tank Gravel Safe?

We have a shoebox lid in Pearl's cage with some cleaned rocks gathered from outside. (I washed and even boiled them!!). They are a lot bigger than aquarium gravel--I'd say the biggest one is about 2 inches across. Anyway, they are nice and smooth and she doesn't burrow in them but does enjoy walking across them and searching for food among the rocks. One night we put her back in her cage with kibble in the rock bed and a full dish of the same thing and she went to the rocks to find the food! So I guess she likes it :P
I don't know about the aquarium gravel--I had the same concerns about using something so small so all the rocks we have are too big for her to possibly get in her mouth.

You can also use strips of fleece inside some kind of box for them to dig and burrow in.
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