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They are yelling at each other and encouraging each other to yell at people at the door.... good sign!!!!
Funny thing about these two, Skeeter loves the banana shaped pieces of her pellets. She insists that once she's eastern them that her food bowl is empty, even though it still has food in it. Peter apparently does not like the banana pieces. He will have a pile of banana "fruity pebbles" in his bowl. It's all the same stuff, just shaped and colored differently. So they shouldn't squabble about their pellets too much.
He is a regular Wolfgang Puck when it comes to making conure soup. She doesn't do that much because I moved her food dish to the floor of the cage.
They did take simultaneous baths yesterday, and both jabbered at the washer and dryer.
I think when it's time, we will have no problem with these two sharing a cage.
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