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Whenever I wake Pickles up and hold him in my hands, a clear liquid comes out of his nose and makes my hand wet. This happens during his huffing and when he's sniffing around. He will also lick his nose quite a bit he's been doing that since I got him a week ago. I haven't noticed anything else wrong with him he seems perfectly fine otherwise. No weird breathing sounds, runs on his wheel and eats his food. His poop looks normal as well. One thing I've noticed is that he doesn't come out that much at night other than running on his wheel for maybe 5 minutes and eating (im thinking thats just because hes still getting used to his new environment). The first couple of nights he drank his bowl dry but not the last night or so :/ he's 2 years old if that helps at all. I don't want anything to be wrong with him I'm going to call the vet on Monday since they are closed Sundays
He does make this kind of squeaking sound when he's awake it's pretty quiet I'm not are if that's a normal sound or not

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