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It's possible you'll lose some progress, but it's not the worst thing in the world either. If you need to travel, you need to travel. You can go that long without bonding, but he definitely can't go that long without care. If you can arrange for a pet sitter that you're comfortable with, that would likely be less stressful for everyone.

Now, some people do choose to travel with their hogs, and as long as you're properly prepared for it, that's fine. There is lots to consider. As far as what the hotels will and will not allow, that's something you'd have to discuss with them. They will all be different.

You'll have to have a full cage setup (smaller than normal for him so long as it meets the minimum standards is ok) including heat, changes of bedding, food, water from home, toys, wheel, the works. You'll also need a hard sided travel carrier. You'll want to research vets in the areas you'll be in incase something happens.

Also, keep in mind some hogs get car sick easily. It might be worth driving him around town for a short bit before you make a decision to see how he handles it. Some hogs are ok with it and others aren't.

Those are just what comes to mind off the top of my head. I recall there being some good threads on the topic of travel which should be easy to find with the forums search function.
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