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Default Re: SURPRISE BABIES! Should I move her cage?

Some of the more experienced breeders will be along to help, but since I just had a litter I can give some advice on an surprise litter. My female had hers at the foot of my bed in my room, where I keep my dog during the day and I have to sleep with a TV on at night. Don't move her cage!! the movement and change of light might make her think that there is something after the babies and she might kill them. The towel over the cage might not be the best thing. it is problem blocking out to much of her light. if you think that you can (with out bothering her to much) just place something over the sides of the cage. Leaving the top open so that light can get in. but if you think that this might stress her to much just take the towel off when you put new food and water in. And NO PEEKING!!! NONE!! what-so-ever!! I know that this is heard, but the lives of the babies could depend on this. You will learn to love the sound of the peeping because it lets you know that they are sill alive and you will dread the silence because you will wonder if the worse has happened... But just take a deep breath and relaxed, mother nature will kick in and she should know what to do. and the feeding part if mom is doing what she needs to she will feed them as they need it. if you need to had feed there is a wonderful link on here as to how to do that. since I have never had to do that I will not try to give advice.
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