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Default Re: New Hedgehog mother!

Thanks for all the help, the cage is quite big! Its actually a wire rabbit cage. Heres a picture:


Originally Posted by Annabelle
Hello and welcome your new little boy-to-be is adorable! Hedgehog Grove is fantastic The CHE will make the cage bars really hot so as long as it's tall, like guinea pig sized, and your hedgie cannot get burned then it's fine. I was actually wondering the same thing myself as I'm getting a CHE tomorrow. Stupid roommates keep screwing with the temperature

Since you're adopting from HHG, I assume we're in the same(ish) area? Just wondering where you got your CHE supplies about about how much it all cost
Thank you, yeah i live in Toronto/Woodbridge, ON. So if you live around there then yes for sure we live pretty close . I actually got my CHE from Petsmart in Woodbridge, i bought Flukers 10" Sun dome lamp for $29.99, All Living Things 100watt CHE bulb for $36.99. I ended up buying a thermometer for $6.99 from a little petshop near my boyfriends house and the Thermostat i bought from Safari in Vaughan Mills. The thermostat was about $40 and was so hard to find. I think i went to two different Petsmarts, as well as 3 Pet Valus, a little petshop and Pjs Petshop! But i finally found it at Safari.

I hope that helped!

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