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Originally Posted by Artemis-Ichiro View Post
Sometimes they lose a lot of quills when they are changed to a better food, try to see if more growing in. Are they scratching? Is their skin dry and flaky?

I can see a handful of new ones growing on both of them, and so far they seem to be growing in normally.

They aren't scratching, though their skin is a little dry.

I did talk to their regular vet today, and she said that there are a couple of possibilities.

1) It is just an effect because the mite infestation was bad. Apparently one of the techs that works at the clinic rescued a mite-infested hedgehog and dealt with the quill loss also. According to her, hers continued for about a month after the treatment ended, so I am hoping that this is the case for Rebel and Charlotte.

2) Like you mentioned, it could be because of their diet changes.

3) It could be a skin infection left over from the mites or a fungus that they picked up at the pet store.

4) We might not have gotten rid of all of the mites and might have to do another, longer treatment for them.

We agreed to watch and see for another couple of weeks and see if any other signs develop/the quills stop falling out. If they don't then I'll bring them in for another evaluation and we will go from there.
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