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Exclamation Time to start syringe feeding?

If you have not read my previous threads I will summarize my situation for you briefly.

I picked up Prim (7 weeks old) from the breeders on Friday, the Sunday previous I picked her out when she was in perfectly good health. Upon arrival at the breeders I herd Prim make some noises that myself and the breeder brushed off as huffing. I soon learned when I got home with her that this was actually sneezing, not huffing. She had some clear mucus coming out of her noes and has been sneezing ever since. The breeder told me she had a virus outbreak in her herd and she didn't think it spread to the babies which is why she allowed Prim to come home with me. She told me that her personal vet told her that it was just a virus, like in humans, and would pass on its own with it's main symptom being sneezing. It could last from two days to two weeks and I could put her on probiotics if I felt the need.

I will be bringing Prim to the vets tomorrow, whether they have an opening or not she will be seen. She has mostly been sleeping and will not on her own come out of her snugglesac. I have only seen her drink once since we got her and I have not seen her eat any food. I have provided her with the breeders mix, wet cat food, and baby food and none were a hit. I have found her in her snugglesac standing up and slightly wobbling which I fear is from her lack of eating. She pooped twice on the way home from the breeders but has only pooped in her cage once. I did the dehydration test where you gently pinch the skin between their shoulder blades and it seemed to fall back as if all was normal, Is it time to start syringe feeding her tonight until I take her to the doctors tomorrow? It hurts me to see her like this and it's really unfortunate that these are my first experiences with a hedgehog of my own. Anyone with any advice would be greatly appreciated.

(Also, if this sickness is what I suspect it is, a URI, is it contagious to other animals? I have three dogs and a chinchilla.)
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