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Originally Posted by Beans
Okay so it's not absolutely terrible if you put your hedgie in a tank? I have mine in one and it seems to be doing fine. I have a custom ventilation lid that my friend's dad made specifically for the tank and it's working really well for me.

So really, it's all about personal preference?
A vented lid isn't going to work. The bottom of the aquarium will still get little to no air movement. Air movement sufficient to refresh a deep square space will cause a draft, which is dangerous to hedgehogs.

Lastly, the smallest possible aquarium would be a 55 gallon one, which takes two people using two hands to lift. Since I clean weekly, it's not something I'd relish doing (and having to have help to clean makes it worse).

Lastly, God forbid that something accidentally bang the aquarium and break it. I don't know whether they are shatter proofed or not (couldn't find any info on it) but breaking glass raining down on my hedgehog is the last thing I want.

My personal opinion is that it's easy to provide much more appropriate housing.
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