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It looks a little dry but I would keep an eye on the dandruff. If it starts to get thicker and all over then you might want to see if the baby has mites. One way I heard to check for mites is if you take a black sheet or shirt and let some of the dandruff fall on to it, if the white flakes move without any manipulation at all then you probably have mites. A friend of mine also told me that mites more often than not can come in a bag of bedding or food and that's why they come back. She told me to keep my food and bedding in the freezer for 24 hours and that the mites cant survive. So if your baby ends up having mites that might be a good idea. I really think your baby is fine maybe just give them a bath in some freshly ground oatmeal, or put some olive oil on her back. Just a bit not to much, a few drops here and there and it will spread on its own hope this helps.
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