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Default Re: Storage Bin vs. Aquarium Controversy

If we were to compare between certain commercially available wire cages, C&C and bins i would agree and say yes, its a matter of preference.
But with your average aquarium, i feel its not an equal option and just a matter of preference, but an option that is less suitable than the ones above.
Air flow is important not just from above, but from side to side. No side to side ventilation means condensation and ammonia will build up. Depending on what bedding is used i imagine dust could also possibly be a bigger issue with aquariums.
I can see how an Aquarium with lower sides, and abundant amounts of floor space could work, but again this would probably have to be custom made and still very difficult to move for washing.
Aquariums are not absolutely terrible, certainly not as terrible as a cage with a wire floor but they are not exactly ideal either.
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