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Default Tooth surgery - Anesthesia concerns

Hi all. After my hedgie recently got an eye infection in the span of two day, I went on the second to the vet and had him emxamined. Vet found a small lump below his chin on the same side of the infected eye, and immidately examined the inside of his mouth to find an infected tooth. He is on antibiotics for the tooth infection as well as for his eye and mild pain medication. She believes he will need surgery to remove the tooth and he will have to be put under anesthesia.

She said that anesthesia is always a risk for animals but even more so with small animals. If I don't do this surgery, she said the infection is likely to clear up with the antibiotics but it will come back again. He is 6 years old, and I'm worried because of his age specifically about the anesthesia/being out.

Has anyone had their hedgie go through anything that required him/her to be under anethesia? What are your opinions on this, is 6 years old concerning?
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