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Default Worried! My hedgehog is with my mother and it's going to be COLD tonight!

I'm so worried because there is NOTHING I can do! I'm in the process of moving, so Thorne is at my mom's house nextdoor to my new house because my house has the electricity off for another week or two while we move. He is in his travel cage which is a rabbit carrying cage about 2 square feet which is only enough for his baby hut, his food and water dishes, a small space to stand and do nothing if he wants, and his wheel. His temporary heater is a small space heater.

My mom has a really inefficient house, it is not insulated well and has an open crawl space. When I left the house yesterday, it was sweltering. I don't remember exactly the temperature but it was in the 80s. I was actually worried about Thorne overheating if it got any hotter.

Then we got a call that my boyfriend needed to help his family by taking his grandpa to Memphis TN, which means drive 3 hours south to get his grandpa, sleep there 1 night, drive 5 hours east from there to Memphis, sleep there 1 night, then drive home that afternoon. My boyfriend asked me to go with him, and I didn't want to go, but he needs my help, so I decided to go Thorne gets miserably car sick now that he is older, so I told my mom he was going to have to sleep at her house for a couple of nights. I loaded him up on food and water, cleaned his cage, gave him a footbath, etc to lighten the list of what mom has to remember to do for 2 days, told mom some basic care info and that all she has to do is make sure the heater gets turned on, and left. I didn't turn the room heater on myself when I left because it would have been blistering hot in there.

Well... Then it started to rain on our way out. I'm sure the house temperature dropped at least 10*F which would put the house in the mid 70's. I looked at the forecast, and it said it was supposed to get into the lower 60's last night. Not good!!! I should have reminded my mom about the heater, but I didn't want to nag! I just laid awake and worried and hoped his fleece blankets would keep him warm. I woke up this morning and text her. The space heater didn't get turned on last night... I didn't ask if the central heat got turned on, because she hardly uses it so I'm sure it didn't, but she says he's still alive and that she sewed my mop for me. I told her I was surprised he didn't die from hibernation last night and she hasn't replied! We haven't even driven to Memphis yet!

I looked at the forecast for tonight and it's supposed to be 50's tonight and 40's the next night even today the high is only 63* and the low is 57*. I'm going to have to ask her to PLEASE please please AT LEAST use the central heat! I wish I had just brought him on the car ride!

:'( I wish I could run home and fix everything. I feel so helpless!
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