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Oh trust me, it's hard to mix these two up, similar personality or no. Pancake is still a chunk!

I just had her out for feeding and tried to have the food a little thicker consistency, without being watered down as much as I've had it. She wasn't a fan & gave me a lot of fight to even get 1cc into her. So I watered it back down - and she ate 4cc. Now the question is, is that just a matter of preference for her, or could that mean she's having trouble swallowing the thicker food? Think I'm going to mention it to the vet, at least.

I'm succeeding in making most of the animals hate me today. Pancake's getting force-fed, the cat needs ear drops & that didn't go well at all. Going to have to see if roomie will help me do them from now on, as much as we can. And I'm going to feed myself, then start working on the hermit crab tank clean, which they won't appreciate at all. Ahhh, pet ownership...
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