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Bindi ate 15cc of A/D from me yesterday, which made me happy! I also gave her more crushed food & she definitely got into that last night. I'm considering adding a bowl tonight of kibble that's been crushed & then had water added to it as well. She still seems to be doing well otherwise, her energy is good, she moves around when I get her out. She still puts up a little fight with the syringing, but not nearly as much now that she knows what's going on. She just has to remind me of my place. And she HATES having her face and chin wiped off, but she doesn't get a choice on that.

Still need to make a post about the loose bedding I got, but I still really like it. I need to make a little container or something to help protect her food & water bowls from it as it's very light & easy to push into the bowls. Which obviously isn't ideal for water! I don't have a ton in her tote right now so that it doesn't get everywhere. She still has a fleece blanket in there though, and still hides under that to sleep. But she seems to like the bedding too & burrows around in it. Once I have a container made up for Bindi's bowls, I'm going to try switching her to it & see how much of the bag it takes and what she thinks. That may wait until later in the week though. My big plans for today are to finally get Bindi's freaking Chop made, and to harass the hermit crabs with a tank clean & slight rearranging (don't want to freak them out TOO much, but may change up one or two things).
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