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It might be the skin scrape itself, plus the stress of going to the vet rather than the revolution causing the freak out. I say this because a couple of months ago I was dealing with an ongoing issue with my girl and finally got a skin scrape done. The Nico's behavior following the skin scrape was heartbreaking to watch. It was a total melt down. She was scratching and chewing on herself as if her life depended on it. The next day the vet called me and we decided to treat with revolution (the skin scrape had come back negative for mites, so this was a just in case also). Applying the revolution didn't cause any issue. So if your girl is like my girl, it was the scrape and vet visit, not the revolution.

Still, monitor the situation and if it doesn't improve or gets worse, let your vet know. I'd wait and see what's she's like tomorrow unless the behavior becomes very concerning.
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