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Default Re: Storage Bin vs. Aquarium Controversy

I see no reason for your post to offend anyone. It makes good sense to question when something does not make sense to you. Best way to learn IMO .

Plastic bin users drill rows of ventilation holes along the side of the bins, thus allowing for side to side airflow. That is probably the most important difference between aquariums and bins, and why many feel that bins are better than aquariums. I have seen some ( custom made? ) aquariums with perforated metal panels along the sides. Those would work too, but there are other advantages to plastic bins.

An aquarium large enough to provide decent space for a hedgie is very heavy, and if dropped will shatter, and possibly chip you bathtub. I imagine washing this weekly is not easy! Sponge washing can be done instead, but a similarly sized plastic bin can easily be carried to the tub/shower for a thorough inside and outside weekly wash. I would think that the wheel is more likely to be scratched and harbor bacteria than a bin.

It would seem that Bisphenol A has yet to be proven to be carcinogenic, and the risk is thought to be from it being used in food packaging?
http://www.bisphenol-a.org/human/consafety.html <-- possibly biased site but an interesting read with scientific research results backing the claims.

That aside apparently not all ceramic bowls are safe either. Certain glazes supposedly pose a lead poisoning risk when chipped. I have also heard fleece can cause cancer, PVC pipes cause cancer.....

Just my 2c

( Edited to add: I use plastic bins and ceramic bowls )
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