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Post Storage Bin vs. Aquarium Controversy

So, I've been thinking about how everyone says that aquariums aren't adequate hedgie enclosures and how plastic storage bins are a better alternative. Now, the thing that seems to be wrong with tanks is that they don't have adequate ventilation - correct? But both are high walled enclosures that don't let a mass amount of airflow through.

Also, a crucial part is the fact that plastic is a culprit of bacteria growth. When the plastic gets scratched it allows bacteria and other germs to get stuck in there which, in turn, could make hedgie sick. Plus, another huge factor that makes plastic an inferior product for living animals is Bisphenol A - a polycarbonate that has been directly linked to breast cancer and early puberty. You'll be able to tell if a storage bin has been produced with Bisphenol A if it's marked with a number "7" on the bottom. Bisphenol A allows a plastic product to and resist stains and odors. It's not something you want to subject a small creature to.

I work in a quality pet store and when anyone asks if they can feed their dog/cat/reptile/small animal out of plastic dishes we suggest that it's not a great idea because of these kind of facts. They are quickly recommended to feed their animal from glass or ceramic dishes because they will not scratch the way plastic does therefore eliminating risks of severe bacteria growth or subjection to harmful polycarbonates.

That's where my idea of tanks being slightly more sanitary comes in. Obviously the tank cannot have a non-ventilated lid on top - that would just be ridiculous. But I believe both provide relatively the same effect but without the dangers of excessive build-up of "bad stuff".

Please don't be offended by my point of view. I'm not out to point fingers - just shed some light on, what I believe is, a controversial topic.
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