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Default Quick Question about Ointment

So took my little jupiter to the vet today, we woke up today to find what appeared to be a cut or almost rubbed sore by her front leg, seems she's a bit overweight (to my surprise, but vet said not much) either way they gave us some antibiotics and pain meds but also suggested to put the Polyosporin on the wound a bit to help it heal.

When I put this on her, it seems to make her go almost crazy... she runs around, hissing, almost like giving her a cup of coffee. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what does it mean? Is it just stinging and thats how they react? She of course is now licking it constantly should I just leave her alone after putting it on and let her do her thing? I assume her licking it off isn't a huge deal but sure seems to drive her nuts.
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