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Unhappy When to let my hedgie go? :(

Warning: this may be a long post.
So I just before Christmas I took on two afp hedgies from a friend of a friend, I'm a first time owner. I hadn't had them very long when I noticed a lump beginning to form on Harry (male, not sure of age as he was a rescue but at least 3 yo) mouth/snout. Took him to the vets and long story short it was confimed as cancer . This was a real blow despite not having them very long it's difficult not to fall in love with these gorgeous animals. Since then the lump has been growing, it only seems to impact on him eating, meaning I feed him only soft food now. He has recently stopped wheeling but still seems to be eating and pooping(though obviously less than before and seems to be decreasing). Sometimes he looks full of life and others he looks so sad. I obviously don't want him to suffer but I also don't want to have him put down before his time. I know hedgies hide their pain well just wondered if anyone has opinions on wether it's time or not yet. Today I went to check on him mid day and he was sleeping outside his bed :/ he is also sneezing. I'm hoping I haven't given him any kind of cold from washing him too much as his underside is matted nearly every time I go to play with him. I know I'm not the first to wrestle with this decision and I'm sure I won't be the last unfortunately . Any advice great fully received.
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