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Default Squamous cell carcinoma

Hello all,
My lovely hedgehog, Q, has squamous cell carcinoma. From my understanding this is different than an oral tumor.
She is on two separate pain meds/ anti inflammatory medication and we have started a trail of chemotherapy, Palladia. My vet said they've never tried this in hedgehogs, but that it seems to work well in cats and dogs. Q has been on the chemo for two weeks now. I go for her two week check up in two days. I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with SCC or Palladia and if there's anything else I can or should be doing. Q won't eat her kibble anymore, but eats baby food and meal worms and some soft cat treats. She hates veggies. Any idea how I can get more fiber in her diet?

Thanks again, will keep everyone posted on the Palladia to see if it helps!
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