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My cattle dog Oz is also a horse. He does the same thing as your boxer, but he has these teeny little feet so it's this horrible tiny pressure point of pain when he does it. He also gallops up and down the stairs and vaults over fences and things. I'm surprised the neighbors don't yell at us, honestly.

Pepper the Sennie's main nickname is "Baby". I regret that immensely now. She's decided it's my name too. When she wants me she screams it at me. Sometimes she says it sweetly, but for the most part you'd think it was a swear word. Visitors think it's hilarious but it's just awful . They'll go to say hi to her and she'll lean around them and screech "BAAAAAAAY BEEEEEEEEE" at me like she's all offended that I'm letting other people speak to her. How dare they.
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